Author George Orwell wrote:
“Good prose is like a window pane.”

Editor Antonia Morton says:
“Good editing is like a squirt of Windex.”

Edit Demo

Let me show you how it’s done

Veteran editor Antonia Morton explains how a few tweaks can make text much stronger:

“Here’s a paragraph about business writing. Watch what happens as I do some proofreading, stylistic editing, and substantive editing.

“Just to clarify, these steps don’t ALL have to happen. If you send us a piece of copy for a substantive edit, we take it straight from the original to the finished product. The editing process is a fast one – think of your editor’s mind as like a computer, making many split-second decisions.

“The Comments aren’t always part of an edit either; they’re just there to show you the reasons for the changes.”

View the demo as a PDF (you may need to adjust your browser for best resolution).

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