Author George Orwell wrote:
“Good prose is like a window pane.”

Editor Antonia Morton says:
“Good editing is like a squirt of Windex.”

Edit Express

When words count and time is tight

Have you ever wondered, on your way to the print shop to order 500 brochures, whether you caught all those sneaky little mistakes?

Your message is important, so asking the counter guy at Quick Copy, “Does this look right to you?” isn’t the best strategy. Call us instead.

We offer a special “dollar a minute” express proofreading service for small projects of up to 300 words. We get right to work, and spend just a few minutes reviewing your text and fixing any obvious mistakes for you. (For details, see Fees.)

Image-leftNo job is too small. Even if it’s just a few words – a business card, a store sign, a slogan, or a tagline – those words deserve to be spelled right. (For instance, this billboard offering “semi-detched” homes obviously didn’t get that final read-through.)

And no job is too large. If you want us to create a brochure, or write your mission statement, or tidy up your year-end report, or redesign your website – we’ll do that too.

For more on on our speedy service:

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