Author George Orwell wrote:
“Good prose is like a window pane.”

Editor Antonia Morton says:
“Good editing is like a squirt of Windex.”

Editing: For Businesses

Connect with the people who matter

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Whatever product or service you sell, your main goal is always building relationships – both with your current customers, and with potential new ones. Reader-friendly text helps you create that vital rapport.

We help you present a better image by:

  • creating copy that pitches just the right message
  • customizing your text to best address your target audience
  • suggesting any selling points you may have overlooked
  • focusing your pitch, and taking out any part that isn’t pulling its weight
  • minimizing your copy: just a few well-chosen words
  • rewriting or reorganizing your material to better effect
  • checking that what’s on the page is what you actually MEANT to say
  • making sure that your layout and your formatting support your message
  • correcting any errors of style, spelling, punctuation or grammar.

Some Ottawa businesses we’ve written or edited text for include Lee Valley,, Holmes Heating, Bijou Board, investment advisor Alan MacDonald, Ottawa Magazine, Safari Plumbing, Adams Jette Marketing, Nutri-Chem Pharmacy, and Celtic House Venture Partners.

Upgrade your website

When you want to build rapport with your customers, well-written text is much more effective than flashy presentation, music or graphics.

Even if you’ve got a great designer for your site, we help you improve your content by:

  • creating copy that pitches just the right message
  • trouble-shooting any readability or design problems.
  • suggesting ways to organize your material to better effect
  • fixing the basics: spelling, punctuation, grammar, straightforward style
  • finding just the right tone to address your readers.

Web designers know that “providing content” is often the lowest-priority task for their clients. You may have all the points you want to communicate – but without editorial help, your text may fail to reflect the thought and planning that goes into your site (and your business). We have the skills to pull everything together for you.

And if you’re a small business, and all you want is a very simple website, we can create a basic online presence for you – at a fraction of the cost of a professional designer. Here are three “home-made” sites we’ve set up: (our dedicated “fiction editing” site) (a site for a decluttering business) (a site for a By Owner house sale)

For more on how we help you increase customer loyalty:

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