Author George Orwell wrote:
“Good prose is like a window pane.”

Editor Antonia Morton says:
“Good editing is like a squirt of Windex.”

Editing: For Marketing & Design Agencies

More message, less wordage

Copy that convinces – that’s the ultimate goal of marketing: choosing the few hand-picked words that persuade people to take the action you want.

When it comes to persuasion, we’re experts at using just a few telling phrases. We work with your creative team to service your clients, by helping you with these tasks:

  • creating copy that pitches just the right message
  • suggesting selling points the client may have overlooked
  • reorganizing material to better effect
  • taking out any words that aren’t pulling their weight
  • correcting errors of spelling, punctuation or grammar
  • checking every detail of layout and formatting.

Our goal is always to make your clients’ communication as effective as possible.

Some Ottawa marketing companies we’ve worked with include Adams Jette, Delta Media, Marketing Breakthroughs, gordongroup, Llama Communications, and Consult Ink.

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