Author George Orwell wrote:
“Good prose is like a window pane.”

Editor Antonia Morton says:
“Good editing is like a squirt of Windex.”

Editing: For Organizations

We free you to focus on the bigger picture

No matter what kind of document you have to produce – a report, a website, a newsletter, a press release, a funding proposal – you may face some or all of these challenges:

  • Too many people want to have their say, or else too few. You’re either swamped with words, or getting input is like pulling teeth.
  • Few contributors are trained writers, so the tone of the document may vary wildly.
  • Even if you have a style guide, people may not bother to follow it.
  • The formatting of the text may be all over the place.
  • Everyone wants to make the same “talking points,” so there’s a lot of unnecessary repetition.
  • Your writers may be so familiar with their subject matter that they don’t know how to make it clear for the intended audience.

And with all those hurdles to overcome, it’s your job to make the final product a viable publication.

So let us handle the task of tidying up the text – leaving you free to focus on the bigger picture of the project.

Quickly and efficiently, we:

  • eliminate any repetition
  • “activate” the text by replacing nouns with verbs, and removing the passive voice
  • translate any jargon that your readers may not understand
  • flag any inconsistencies or missing information
  • give a “common look and feel” to text from different sources
  • tidy up the writing so that it reads clearly
  • check all the details of layout and formatting.

You’ll get back a clean and readable document that will make your organization (and you) look good.

And if your text has to be translated, editing reduces time and cost: when the English is in good shape, translators can work faster to turn it into clear and accurate French. (View our Translation services.)

Organizations we’ve worked for include the Association of Consulting Engineering Companies (Canada), the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, the Canadian Association for Prior Learning Assessment, Ashbury College, the Media Awareness Network, and a wide range of government departments and agencies.

Whether you’re a professional association, a non-profit body, an NGO, or a public-interest group – contact us for all your editing needs.

For more on how we help make your documents more effective:

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