Engage your readers better

Writing for Clarity

Practise the three pillars of effective writing:
decluttering, activating, and organizing.
Learn how to create reader-friendly text.

Yoga for Your Story

Stretch and strengthen your
“author muscles,” and learn about
the vital elements of writing fiction.

Three marble pillars with the words declutter, activate, organize written across the front

Writing for Clarity

Want to write text that’s clear, concise, and easy for audiences to understand?

Originally designed for government staff, this interactive workshop is equally useful for corporations, associations, agencies, and any other group that values clarity in its communications.

The three independent modules are:

Each module takes about three hours to deliver, to groups of 8–15 participants.

Take your text from “dull” to “dynamic”

As a professional editor, I’ve spent several decades helping writers to improve their text.
In this course, pen-and-paper exercises help people to practise their new skills — such as how to:

Contact me to learn more about booking the Writing for Clarity workshop,
including timing and cost.

Yoga for Your Story

Become a better writer in just a few weeks!

My interactive course teaches you some of the strategies used by professional fiction
editors — such as how to:

Improve your writing skills

My goal is for you to leave every meeting with your head full of new ideas.

Sessions are flexible in terms of content, tailored to the individual needs of the authors.

In each session, you’ll do some or all of these things:

The group meets for three hours in the evening, once a week, for a six-week period.
The time and place are arranged to suit the convenience of participants.

Visit my fiction website, The Fiction Portal to learn about upcoming courses.